League Rules 2012/2013

         All clubs must be affiliated with Badminton England to participate in the Greater Manchester Junior Badminton League;

         Entry fees are 15 per team for the league and 12 per team per match day;

         Each match will consist of 2 singles games and 3 doubles with all games to 15 with no setting;

         The older  team should comprise of maximum of  5 girls or boys, the younger team can have a  maximum of 5 players;

         If a point cannot be decided upon a let will be played;

         If there is a serving or net fault, a team manage can call for a referees opinion. The referee has the right t to deduct a point.

         The Older age group (year 9,10,11)will play with feather shuttles the younger group (year 8 and below) with play with plastic shuttles;

         If any child has played more than once for a county team in the last 12 months they will not be eligible to play in the Greater Manchester Junior Badminton League. If a county player is indentified they will forfeit their game scores.  In exceptional cases managers can request  a decision from the committee to allow a county player to participate;

         The younger age group teams require an adult team manager where as the older team preferably require a team manager, or team captain to ensure games and scores are played to time;

         Team managers have to complete a team sheet at the start of each day – for the older age group this will be ranked in order of standard within that team;

         Team managers of the older group  are not allowed to swap the ranked order in which their  children play during each day, if this occurs the referee has the right to void their match scores;

          If a team does not turn up they forfeit the game and will go down a group;

         If a team does not turn up for a match day, they must inform the secretary that they intend to attend the next match day otherwise the team will be removed from the tournament.

         If a team is missing a player then their remaining 3 players rank as 1 to 3, and they forfeit games 2 and 5 i.e. 15:0 (where the 4th ranked player would normally play);

         Dress code is that all players must wear either non marking trainers or badminton shoes, shorts or skirts, or a track suit;

         Children are allowed to play up a category (into the older age group).


Codes of conduct

         All children will shake hands at the end of each game;

         The score sheet will be displayed at the back of each court;

         All match related disputes will be solved by the Referee and Assistant Referee. Bad court behaviour and racquet abuse  will result in the referees initially giving the perpetrator a warning, second removing a point, then if persistence bad behaviour, loss of the game;

         All other disputes will be solved by the Child Welfare/ Complaints Officer;

         Managers meeting and registration is at 9:15 am on a match day.


Scoring and Box position

The order of the match day box results will be completed based on:

         matches won,

         if the result is a draw  then goes to games won,

         if this result is a two way tie then the winner of the match between the two teams wins the box

         If there a three way tie then the winner is the team with the most points


The result of scores will then set the order of each box , the teams then move up or down a box based on the following criteria:

         If a team came at the bottom of the box on the match day they go down a box ;

         The team that won the box goes up a box.


If you would like to find out more, please contact:
Steve White,  Secretary for Greater Manchester Junior Badminton League
t: 07967 333 111      
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